Twitter Names Please!

@Judmoo; Here's a possible...!

@Judmoo; Here’s a possible…!

As with every SpencerClothing new collection we ask interested parties (and particularly those that attend our shoot – 8th July) we ask them to choose a garment that we might name after them. This season – Spring Summer 2014 – Twitter names have been decided as the way forward.

So, with this in mind, we ask you all to put forward, your or your friends Twitter name that we may assign to garments throughout the collection. We ask that they are female and not ‘R’ rated… If the name is chosen, @SpencerClothing will connect with you (if not already following) whilst forwarding an image of the garment in question as worn by one of our models.

This is not a competition and is open to our international and local audience. Please note the names will not be size specific but assigned to garments of our choice. If you are submitting someone else’s name we will expect you to have gained their permission. We will be checking Twitter behaviour and activity before making the final decision. Submissions will not be considered after 8th July – so get cracking!

You can only submit entries to our Creative Director via email, or follow @SpencerClothing, Tweet the hashtag #SpencerSS14 in order that we can respond with a DM asking for and confirming your email address.

Please bear in mind you may hear from owners of the garment when the collection hits the shop floor.

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