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As I head out to our factory to put the finishing touches to our Autumn Winter 2013 collection I am reminded about the delight of travelling around this time of year – the excitement of Departure lounges, of people returning home to see their families and the joy of the Arrivals gates that sees tears, hugs and squeals of sheer delight at being reunited with loved ones. Of course it can be harrowing for some but typically it’s a great time to be airport hopping (I’ll see 4 in 5 days).

With this in mind I think about how our collection will travel – who would wear what, and is an Airport Terminal the place to be seen looking drop dead gorgeous?

Let’s face it, as you arrive at the final stretch in the airport for a brief moment all eyes are on you as people eagerly wait for their loved ones – it’s your Red Carpet moment – you’re on stage. Now admittedly getting off a long-haul flight or even a short one most are thinking comfort – big sunglasses to hide that lack of sleep. However, more and more of you are making a real effort. You might be dragging an embarrassing piece of luggage but the Coat, the Shoes and that amazing skirt are making quite an impact.

Is there a returning trend to glamour? I wrote a short piece on our sister blog the Social Tailor about Zac Posen’s Pre AW13 – now there is real glamour… please let it be so!

Zac Posen, Pre-AW13 (Vogue via Social Tailor)

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