Pal Zileri and Venice Inspiration

We are fortunate to be spending some time in Venice and visiting our friends at Pal Zileri, the renowned menswear tailoring business found all over the world, in own brand retail stores in Las Vegas to Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh. Producers of the highest quality wool, we have been inspired and challenged. Although true to our mantra we will stick with sourcing all fabric from the UK – they were sorry to hear but as a trade missions go learning their approach and phenomenal attention to detail (read: QC, Quality Control) techniques must be second to none has been invaluable. We of course were more drawn to their LAB range, very directional with some interesting approaches to fabric manipulation.

Having met Mr. Bruno Magnaguagno, one of Pal Zileri’s Master Tailors and the CEO Marco Barizza on a rare visit to Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh I interviewed them for the fashion blog “Social Tailor“. Delightful and inspiring people, if you ever get the chance, go out of your way to say hello.

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