Spencer Spring Summer 2013 photo-shoot

There are a lot of people we have to thank to help make yesterdays event the success it was.
Coordinator and amazing model Anna Freemantle
Fashion Stylist supremo: Ian Tod
Photographer (second to no one): John Need
Make-up genius: Ana Cruzalegui
Hair drama created by: Lou Clave
Model number 2 (but not in our books): Hayley Buchanan
Jewellery by that star Euan McWhirter
Shoes by Shhh and Pam Jenkins (someone’s getting a big HUG!)
Runners and support: Ursula Posch, Talor Gilchrist and Biker Gav.
And of course a big thank you to our attending Bloggers and journo’s – I look forward to reading all about your experience of the day.

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