Torn – there’s no Copyright in Fashion

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As we get ready to share our Spring Summer 2013 collection with the world and having enjoyed Isaac Mizrahi‘s ramblings at a TED conference yesterday I came across Johanna Blakley’s piece at another TED conference on copyright.

We all, as designers want to protect what it is we do, we don’t want people to copy our work – remember at school bending your arm round your jotter so no one could peek, the same applies here. Johanna shares Tom Ford’s comment just after he’d left Gucci saying that he realised “their customers were not the ones that bought the knock-offs” – I beg to differ. My wife owns a £1500 Channel handbag yet has been known to shop for clothes at “Primark (Primarni)” – that gap is closing. So maybe she doesn’t support Terrorists that manufacture fakes but stores such as Forever21 and Primark do there level best to copy what comes down the runway.

But what about Prada copying Balenciaga – that happened – of course it’s a re-interpretation but still… where do you draw the line?

Inspiration is another factor – I no longer live in London, I live in Edinburgh, do I get my inspiration from the street… maybe during the festival, it gets much more interesting; thankfully I travel a lot and Glasgow is never far away. Although this summer has been a heavy influence – you’ll see what I mean.

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