I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man

As we start getting ready to go out (tonight we head to Hard Rock for an aperitif and snack before the real fun commences) I contemplate the sound track to our label… do you have suggestions?

We’ve already had the good fortune to dress and work with Emeli Sande who is clearly brilliant and Scottish to-boot. Our market is 30+ women who, because they do everything at breakneck speed don’t give much thought to the soundtrack of their lives – other than to maybe “body-pump” at the gym or nod their head whilst holding an unfeasibly large glass of wine or a more delicate Cosmopolitan – and by anyones standard, that’s being drunk at the beginning of the night otherwise most of it ends up down your chin and on the floor… so back to this music dilema…

Clearly we have Muddy Waters blasting out before we head out – but he’s just not right – maybe a relatively unknown group with a strong female lead that we can mutually support – there has to be synergy!

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