Dreams of Summer at Spencer

Here I am soaking up the sun on a working holiday in Miami and all I see around me is a sea of shorts. At Spencer we don’t really do “leisure wear” but for the very fact that 2% of women look good in shorts I’m grateful we don’t (although perplexed at why so many insist on wearing them!).

If the shorts are darker than the top it emphasises your butt; are you ready for that? Most worn are cut off denims with light coloured T’s… The rest are either too large – making legs look scrawny or too tight where we run into “camel toe” territory and muffin tops. Bottom line you really need to be careful…

It’s blistering hot here and although our collection is for a global audience it’s a British product so we have to be careful that the fabrics we choose not only translate and show the essence of our Spencer girl but work equally well in a 40C degree heat. I hear that the rain is pelting it down in Edinburgh and Glasgow today – believe it or not I can’t wait to get back.

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