Scottish Fashion Awards – Dashing Tweeds wins

As you know we were delighted to be nominated for a 2012 Scottish Fashion Award although did feel a little awkward because it was based on what we’ve said we’ll deliver rather than product seen in our retailers around the world – our first collection lands in a few weeks time. So there’s plenty of time for our fledgling brand to pick up more recognition and good standing amongst our peers before we start winning awards!

I recently wrote about Caerlee Mill and have been delighting in the work they produce but now the turn of the actual winner in our category – Dashing Tweeds. Predominantly menswear and accessories (although the supply of cloth too) Guy Hills and Kirsty McDougall have created a fab brand with some great quirky touches.

If you get the chance book an appointment and go and say hello! Dashing Tweeds (Primrose Hill, London)

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