Celebrate – Strength, Independence and Allure of your Being!

Ok, so we have a very clear vision for our Spencer girl, mid 30’s, unmarried but in a relationship, lives in the city, professional job, loves to party – you’ve heard me say this all before – and clearly there’s more to her but get this: I have a friend who is developing a Lingerie brand and in helping her (from a distance) I came across Marlies Dekkers. Here’s a lingerie designer who is grabbing her world with both hands and bringing real self confidence to her supporters (Lady Gaga and Rhianna amongst them).

For us at Spencer we design clothing that gives you confidence – no really. The lining alone, slip your arm into one of our jackets and you can instantly feel empowered. Marlies is doing the same in lingerie, inner-wear as outer-wear, please excuse I can not find a complete UK translation but this 6 minute profile should give you an indication of her vision.

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