50’s Vintage influence V’s Tramp

It’s been noted that the current fascination for Vintage in particular 1950’s Americana is to do with the gentle turnaround in the economy; it would appear our sites are now set on high glamour, not necessarily Holywood but more specifically luxury; long sleek lines, full skirts, costume jewellery and less plain shoes.

I am very much looking forward to not witnessing micro-mini’s, boob tubes and bare midriffs. Girls that show their legs can be glamorous, girls that have plunging necklines can look stunning – together they turn heads but in my mind it says Tramp. Let’s move away from Page 3 to true glamour, let’s get some dignity and that utter belief in your female form that portrays magnetism through allure and confidence.

I never get tired of looking at Marilyn Monroe…

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