Next Up?!

As we start welcoming Buyers into our showroom in Edinburgh to look at our “Fall 2012” collection we start to dream of not only the fabrics and cuts of Spring Summer 2013 but take that leap into Autumn Winter 2013/14… Is this the madness of the fashion industry or the essential delight required to make dreams come true?

I say dreams because imagine you as a young fashion designer, still at College with the opportunity of sharing a stall in Camden Market (London) with a Third year student (whose mother owned the pitch) – not only selling your creations but witnessing a glamorous Amazonian vision walking down the street towards you wearing your entire outfit and over hearing that she’d just been offered a job. Now don’t get me wrong, I know only too well she didn’t get the job because of what she was wearing – but I’m guessing it gave her the confidence to be the best she could be.

This vision is what we hold dear at Spencer – we want everyone that wears our suits, coats – whatever we design and make to immediately feel confident, to be the best they can because hell you’re going to look amazing.

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