The Beauty of Collaborations

Colin Gilchrist, Judy R Clark

I am beginning to think that we are moving head-first into the era of collaborations – don’t get me wrong there have always been great partnerships (the two Ronnies, Fred and Ginger…) but the more I learn about those businesses that are succeeding it has been on the back of a willing to collaborate – to share markets, experience, abilities and more. Then you step back and look at the new world of communication – a social phenomenon that never existed before so it is little wonder business is catching on.

In my travels I have met many designers and written / blogged about them over the years on my site The Social Tailor and admittedly a few passed through my head to collaborate with for this amazing opportunity; I kept coming back to Judy R Clark – the fact that we lived and worked a stones throw from each other undoubtedly helped. And although we are at the very early stages of this partnership initial signs are good if the feedback we’ve been getting is anything to go by.

Let me know if you’re interested in collaborating with us?

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