Spencer support Kiltr.com with Kick-ass Advertising!

Spencer as I’m sure you’re now all aware is a truly European brand – although designed in Scotland we have sourced fabrics from England, France and Italy – we have a sales office in London city centre and our manufacturing base is in Kaunus.

Spencer (through The Social Tailor) are supporting Kiltr.com, a business social network created entirely for the Scottish diaspora, which I believe to be the future of social networks – that is to say specific silos / circles will start to evolve that put up invisible walls in order to speak to specific groups or individuals.

We recognise that Kiltr is by no means the centre of the Universe when it comes to fashion and or trend analysis but like ourselves they are a start-up with amazing credentials, support and backing. And we know only too well the benefits of collaboration and will do our utmost to support relationships that promote that on our local turf.

So to our advertising on their Fashion Group… is it a bit harsh for brand awareness – or are you getting the picture?

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