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Our research tells us who we should be targeting, what they like, what they don’t like – why they’ll buy from Debenhams and why they’ll buy from Harvey Nichols…

But those who choose to follow a different path, that choose to buy off the beaten track from a Boutique and from an unknown label – they typically like a number of things that most don’t.

Our girl (if we can call you that) is a professional single, in a relationship, is confident, works hard but by god she loves a glass of wine at the end of the day. She lives in the city is around 33 years old, is well educated, or at least can pass off as well educated and has an interesting mix of friends.

However her friends don’t mix well. There’s the school, college ones that she grew up with that she might see once a month but they mostly stay out of town or have left to follow a man or a job (they mostly stay in touch on Facebook). Then there’s the ex-work and work colleagues who put her on a bit of a pedestal (but wouldn’t admit it) these are good friends who live in town, some older, some younger – our girl regards them as better friends than they are…

But to the crux – our girl loves shoes (show me a girl that doesn’t!), loves going out and she has a GBF (gay best friend). He of course worships the very ground she walks on – at least when she’s in the room… The influences of his group of friends on our girl is quite profound, suffice to say it is this group that we need to infiltrate, learn from and educate, in order to create the love for our collection.

And this is where we need your help.

If you are a fashion blogger and would love to get in at the beginning get in touch: cg@socialtailor.com

Many thanks

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